Here at Tampa Breastfeeding Center, you and your baby are important to us. We specialize in providing family-centered personalized care. We want to do our best to meet your needs in a timely manner. If you have any questions, give us a call, email, text, or send a message through Facebook.

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**Please Note: In-home Lactation Consultation is available at $175/$200 for twins. It is generally reserved for multiples or for medical necessity. Travel Fees may apply and are based on travel costs from our office location to your home. Travel costs range from $25-45**

Tampa Lactation Consultations

In-Office Lactation Consultation:

Breastfeeding office

Consults are individualized and vary to meet the needs of our families. However, all of our lactation consults are thorough and comprehensive and can last 1 to 1.5 hours. At the initial consult your lactation consultant will take a detailed history of the maternal and infant health and complete a physical assessment of mother’s breasts, baby’s oral anatomy, functional assessment, and identify any other feeding barriers. Your lactation consultant will also complete a pre and post weighted feed at every visit. If a follow-up consult is needed we will reassess current progress, complete a new feeding assessment, maternal assessment, weight check, and address any new concerns. We will also update the care plan if needed. As feeding specialists, please keep in mind that our consults are for all moms which include exclusive at breast, pumping and breastfeeding, exclusive pumping, bottle feeding and supplementation, induced lactation, formula feeding and dietary restrictive feedings. (All In-office consults $110.00)

Secure Video (Telehealth) Lactation Consultation 1 hr.

Video Consultation

A virtual lactation consultation allows moms to schedule a virtual consultation with a lactation consultant in real-time in the privacy of their home or work.

You can connect to a IBCLC feeding specialist via a private, secure video connection from your laptop, tablet or mobile device. You must have a high-speed internet connection to participate. Here are just some of the things we can assess virtually. ($80.00 )

  • Latching and positioning
  • Nipple pain/nipple trauma
  • Breast pain
  • Milk Supply
  • Feeding schedules
  • Pumping
  • Back to work
  • Milk storage
  • General breastfeeding concerns and questions
  • Induced lactation
  • Nutrition
  • Complex health history
  • Prenatal lactation assessment

Tampa Breastfeeding lobbyPrenatal Breastfeeding Assessment:

This consultation is usually 1 hour long and includes a comprehensive history, basic breastfeeding education and full breast assessment. This consult is great for new moms that have never breastfed before, but also highly recommended for moms with prior breastfeeding challenges, or just looking for a refresher. If you are looking to have all your questions and concerns addressed, this is the consult for you. We personalize all our prenatal appointments to meet the needs of our families. (In-office $98.00)

Induced Lactation Consult:

We are experienced in inducing lactation and re-lactation. This is comprehensive consult tailored to the client that is inducing lactation. Each client will receive individualized induction protocol to help achieve the best results. ($98.00)

Return to Work Consult:

If you are planning a return to work or have already returned to work, either inside or outside the home, this is for you. This is a work only consult and usually last 1 hour and includes a detailed plan of care that prepares you for pumping. (In-office $98.00)

Breastfeeding Consultation RoomPumping Consult:

If you are looking for more education on how to use your pump properly and be fitted for the right size flanges, this consult is for you. Our lactation consultant will show you all the mechanical details of your pump and how to make sure you yield the best results. This is a pump only consult and usually last 30-45 minutes. ($98.00)

Phone Consultation:

We do provide very basic information via phone free of charge. However, we do offer a more detailed and comprehensive phone consult if needed. Most of these consults will last 30 minutes. ($40.00)

Therapeutic Ultrasound:

Therapeutic ultrasound for blocked/clogged ducts and recurring mastitis is a non-invasive treatment applied directly to the breast(s). Sound waves created by the machine help to reduce obstruction that surround the ducts which carry the milk, allowing for pressure relief, pain/swelling reduction, and promotes milk flow.

This service requires a referral from one of our IBCLCs, another lactation specialist, PCP, OBGYN, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, or other qualified providers. ($65.00 ea. session).

Creamatocrit (calories and fat content milk testing):

The creamatocrit is an easy, safe and accurate method for testing breastmilk to measure the calories and fat content in the breastmilk. This may be useful information when evaluating calories for low birth weight babies, preterm babies, and for infants that are not gaining despite appropriate intake of breastmilk. However, the creamatocrit can be for anyone who would like to evaluate their breastmilk to see the calories and fat intake of their baby. ($65.00 per test).

Pump Rentals:

We carry a full line of Medela hospital grade pumps and accessories. We have Symphony’s and Lactina’s available. ($38.00) for two week rentals and ($72.00) for monthly rentals.

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