There are SO many electric breast pumps on the market these days. When a new one comes out we are very excited to get our hands on it and test it. We love helping new parents with their pumps.

A long-time client of our recently shared her Willow Pump with us. She has been using this hands-free and very new-to-the-market pump for some time now and raves about it! As a busy mom and career woman she loves the portability and strength of the Willow Pump. She has experience with the Medela Symphony and the PJs Comfort pump so she has some great pumps to compare it to. The following are her pros and cons of the new Willow Pump.

1. Bags are accurate in ounces.
2. Bags are pre-sealed. This felt more hygienic to her since she often pumps on the go and in public places.

3. The customer service is responsive and helpful. New parts arrive quickly and are well-priced.
4. For an average supply, the bags are great. They fill to 4 oz. each before you must stop to change them.
5. Her nanny prefers the way these bags pour as compared to Lansinoh or other milk storage bags.
6. The charge holds for 3-4 pumping sessions and it only takes 30 minutes to charge.
7. She loves the accompanying app.
8. It’s easy to clean at fewer parts than other pumps.

9. It’s comfortable and she is free to move around.


1. There’s a learning curve to get used to it; especially finding how to attach it so your nipple is centered right away.

2. No auto shut off when it’s time to swap bags (if you produce more than 4 oz. per side). Sometimes she pumps on the road and has to pull over quickly to change the bags or they will overflow.

3. She realizes the pump may be priced out of reach for many (the website says insurance *may* cover part of the cost and they offer a payment plan).

4. You do not have the option to toggle between stimulation and expression. The pump chooses it for you based on output.

5. You need a bra that can truly hold it in-she saw this as an extra cost.

6. There is minimal ability to be hands-on when pumping.

7. She says it does not drain her breasts as quickly as the Symphony.

8. Flip to Finish to suck all the milk into the bag is a little tricky and you may spill some milk.


Overall, she gives the Willow Pump two big thumbs up. We want to know, have you used it? What’s your experience?