Why are we often told to avoid foods when breastfeeding? Fact or fiction?

We are often asked, “is it normal that my baby is so gassy”?  My answer is always yes-  It is completely normal for babies to be gassy. After all, adults have gas too.

There has been years of misconceptions about avoiding certain foods during breastfeeding, and that somehow if you do avoid these foods, your baby will be free from gas. Well moms, I am here to tell this is simply not true.  Just as adults, babies have to process the food they eat, even breast milk. We spend so much time trying to prevent, soothe, or help our babies with gas, but could it be that we are wasting our time?

Understanding the infant gut and how the process works will give you a better understanding of why it may seem that your baby has a lot of gas or an unsettled stomach, but as Kelly Bonyata has written in the article below, I believe this will provide you much clarity into the infant gut and exactly how the infant processes their food. This just might give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.


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