It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce the North Tampa Breastfeeding Center!

After years of serving Tampa Bay communities as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant’s (IBCLC) in community based and private practices, Maternal Instincts and Sweet Songs Breastfeeding have joined forces and founded the North Tampa Breastfeeding Center to better serve our families in the Hillsborough, Pasco, and Hernando counties. The founding members (IBCLCs – Amy Hammant, Mary Unangst, and Trish Hanning) have developed a three-phase implementation plan which will ensure the center evolves and flexes to the needs of those served. On the 22nd of August 2016, the NTBC will begin taking appointments to provide professional, clinical, evidence-based lactation care and support at our centralized Carrollwood location.

During Phase 1, we will schedule primarily office visits in order to better serve a greater number of families. Our breastfeeding center is set up like a home environment to meet the needs of our moms and babies. Home visits will remain an important service here at NTBC, but will be reserved for our families with extenuating circumstances, and will be served by one of our on-call lactation consultants.   Also during Phase 1, NTBC founding members from Maternal Instincts and Sweet Songs Breastfeeding will collect client feedback on location needs, and conduct feasibility assessment for additional office spaces/locations. We will also be working to become in-network providers for more insurance companies to help offset cost to our Tampa Bay families.  We have already established preferred provider status with Aetna, Coventry, and First Health.  In the meantime, while we continue to work hard to gain preferred status with other insurance companies, we will always provide you with the proper documentation you will need to get reimbursement.  We will also be seeking complimentary specialty professionals to join the center in hopes to offer a wide range of services.  The NTBC is here to serve you and as such will rely on your feedback to continuously grow and improve.

During Phase 2 (and pending community feedback) NTBC intends to establish additional office spaces, likely to include satellite offices, which will best respond to our clients’ needs. Phase 2 will also see the addition of a milk depot, added lactation specialists, and streamlined scheduling toward providing full-scope breastfeeding and lactation services in centralized locations. NTBC founders have established many relationships with other health care professionals in the community who have repeatedly aided in the holistic treatment we seek in every case. While we continue to refine our professional network of complimentary health specialists, our professional relationships will continue to work for you as we begin coordinating appointments in centralized locations at reduced costs.

Phase 3 will include increased appointment availability for both office and in-home visits due to an increased number of IBCLC’s on staff combined with the NTBC’s acquisition of in-network status with additional insurance providers in the area. While we will always strive to improve and cater to the needs of the families we serve, Phase 3 will conclude our planned implementation strategy and mean we have reached full operational capacity.

We are ecstatic to have reached this point and look forward to sharing your motherhood and fatherhood experiences at the North Tampa Breastfeeding Center!


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